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As the energy management, RC Construction Solar provides complete photovoltaic solutions for any size of Solar system, from grid-tie residential, Commercial and EV charging station, off-grid solar and battery back-up application. Our innovative products help you to get the most efficient solar harvest from your System, and you benefit from having a single supplier for all of your components.

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Our services address all aspects of renewable energy design, sales, services, maintenance, economic feasibility-planning, project management and equipment . Whether managed independently or in partnership with local contractors, you receive the optimal solution customized to your needs. Our solutions help customers reduce costs, stay connected at all times and tap into a clean, secure and uninterrupted power supply.

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Claudia : is chief administrative officer and a member of the company, executive management team. Claudia is responsible for Corporate Strategy, which guides the company efforts to serve customers, clients and suppliers through of business. A strong supporter of developing women leaders in services.


Chief Engineer

Roberto : is responsible for development and management of the RCCS. Is actively involved on a daily basis in building evaluation, design, and architectural in renewable energy area. He provides seminars on a variety of topics related to the design, construction and maintenance Renewable platform.



Matt: Our apprentice and future owner and head of RCCS


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